Market Analysis

Our team of experts analyze the past, current and future market trends for products and services connected directly or indirectly to the Indian Railways industry. We help, support and put forward all the facts and figures, which help you to make a correct decision before entering the Indian market.

• Analysis of the future market trends
• Market Potential Analysis for rolling stocks /components
• Evaluation of options for a market entry strategy
• Potentials of the leasing/renting /hiring business in the Indian rail transport market

• Entry into the Indian leasing market
• Market investigation Trucking and Logistics
• Market Study for track maintenance

• Assessment of market potential for wheelets in India
• Analysis of Indian maintenance market
• Investment advice in due diligence
• Development of a market entry strategy in India for a overseas component /parts manufacturers

• To Make a purchase / take over decision for a railway engineering company
• Identification of investors and transferees in India
• Project planning for a light rail system for a Indian city
• Systematic analysis and development of business areas for strategic business development of a railway engineering company



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