For comprehensive and complete on-the-ground service, we arrange meetings with partners and clients, key corporate players, industry associations , transportation, interpretation and translation; and provide information on the projects in Railways in India :

Due Diligence

a) To do the due diligence on all new projects which are of interest after confirmation by the local authorities .
b) Conduct Market analysis , if required as per the client for assessing the feasbility of the project bid by the client .
c) Conduct Competitor Survey to gauge the competitors fot that project and advise the client .


a) Meetings : On the request of Foreign Company to arrange the meetings with the tendering authority for having the necessary discussions and seek clarifications on any technical /commercial matter
b) Pre-Bid Meetings : To participate in all the meetings with the tendering authority and inform its minutes to the Foreign Company .
c) To maintain communication between the Foreign Company and to update them about new projects in a systematic manner.
d) Bid Guidance : To help, assist and guide Foreign Company in the filing of the tender bid.


a) Bid Documents : To assist in the filing of the documents for the tender bid for which Foreign Company will arrange for the necessary bid amount guarantee.
b) Registration : To help and assist in the formation and registration of any company according to the Indian law .
c) Documentation : After winning the tender to invite Foreign Company to visit India and sign all the necessary documents as required by the tendering authority and also to furnish the performance bond guarantee as per the terms and conditions of the tender.

Project Implementation

a) Follow up : After the tender has been approved by the technical committee to do extensive follow up for winning the tender.
b) Recruitment : To help recruit any technical/ commercial man power/workers/staff required for the project implementation if required
c) Custom Clearance : To assist in the custom Clearance of any machinery /raw materials if imported for the implementation of the project.
d) Assistance : To assist in providing complete technical, commercial and financial services for the practical implementation and execution of the contract/ project if required
e) Solve queries : To answer all queries and provide / submit any information required by the tendering authority.


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