Rail Technology Development in India

Technology in India : Railways in India is undergoing a complete overhaul and there is a requirement for the latest technology to be introduced and utilized at various steps in the the complete project execution of the railways : <

1) Introduction

Innovation and Research is an important step towards any development and the Railways is no different . We constantly continue to partner with the Innovation leaders in Railways to offer best solutions and products for their use in India .

2) Assessment

Every new solution has be to technically and commercially acceptable and We carry out the complete feasibility assessment .

3) Economics

We also partner with the various organizations to understand the product better and work out the correct economics for its use in the Indian market .

4) Representation

We represent the company for its services and solutions in the Indian market .

5) Project Support

We provide all support to the company for project development and implementation in the Indian market , pl. see next page .

6) Local Knowledge

We provide the complete knowledge of all the local regulations , pricing , vendors for calculation of the accurate costing for the complete offering to the Railways Authority

7) Monitoring Progress

Approvals in Railways require extensive time , So We maintain the follow up process with them to monitor the progress .

8) Documentation

We provide all guidelines for the setup of the company and other requirements , if necessary for the projects in India .

9) Patents

We can also assist in understanding more about the IPR in India the right ways to protect the innovative solutions in the Indian market .


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