We are specialists in facilitation of the partnerships that deliver latest technologies to the Indian market and also provide International companies foothold in the Indian market.:

Consulting Services :

1) Partnerships

Projections partners with global players for projects in India . We shall provide all the necessary support for conducting the project , feasibility , operations and local knowledge along with decades of insights , relationships and strong network in India which we shall bring to the project for its success through faster and better execution in all aspects .

2) Joint Ventures

We conclude Joint Ventures , Special Purpose Entities and provide consultancy and Collaborations for Bidding & Construction of Intelligent Cities for Major Cities.

3) Relationship Management

We assist our clients in leveraging network-enabled processes and activities to optimize the relationship between the organization and their India-related business networks, including customers, suppliers, partners and government bodies.

Auxiliary Services :

1) Marketing Research

Designing a detailed India-tailored business plan, dedicating sufficient resources to its implementation and constant reassessment and improvement are key for achieving your India goals. We partner with our clients to maximize their India presence, increase their sales, as well as attain other objectives.

2) Legal Support

We also have business associates who are a team of young and highly qualified lawyers, specializing in business cases and company law. They provide legal consultancy to business enterprises in all business aspects .

3) IPR Helpdesk

We support International Companies to protect their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in or relating to India , through the provision of information and services through our Business Associates .

4) Accounting Services

We also facilitate providing accounting and taxation compliance services for our clients' companies as well as assisting in the process of meeting statutory audit requirements.

5) Mergers & Acquisitions

We also advise companies covering Buy-side Advisory, Sell-side Advisory, Alliances & Corporate Investment both for Indian Inbound and Outbound Investment


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