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Training is the most commonly used mechanism in human resource development. It
is the process, which attempts to fill the gap by way of what employee has to offer by
way of skills, experience and knowledge and that which is required by the job. The
objective of the training is to help people to acquire the knowledge, skills and
capacities necessary to do their job while to prepare them for transfer to other jobs
and capability to be fitted into the working group.
Indian Railways has the best training facilities in entire Asia & Africa to train people
in rail transport. These facilities have come up over the years due to its gigantic
system & level of operation as shall be evident from the following facts:
The Indian Railways system is today, the second largest Railways system in the
world under a single management. It has its own facilities for production of
locomotives and other rolling stock besides Research Design and Standard wing to
carry out research work in railway technology, standardization and application to
attain self sufficiency. It occupies a place of pride not only because of its size but
also because of its assets utilization statistics are comparable with those of the most
advanced Railways system of the developed countries. To highlight its vastness, it is
worth to mention that Indian Railways has 109996 track kilometers (64600 route
km), 9500 locomotives, and 239000 units of freight cars, 55000 passenger cars,
7146 stations and 1361520 staff. It operates more than 9000 passenger trains every
To meet the continuously growing demand of its consumers both quantitatively as
well as qualitatively, the Indian Railways have been upgrading its system by
adopting the latest technological developments, enabling its officers and staffs in
acquiring knowledge and new set of technical and managerial skills. Therefore,
training of its personnel has been a major concern to the Management of Indian
Railways. More than 3,00,000 staff is imparted training every year.
To impart training to such a vast number of employees, Indian Railways has
following training facilities.
To train executives responsible for maintenance, operation, planning, development
of infrastructure & assets there are following training institutes:
1. National Academy of Indian Railways (Railway Staff College), Vadodara
2. Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering, Pune
3. Indian Railway Institute of Signal Engineering and Telecommunications,
4. Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur
5. Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering, Nasik
6. Indian Railway Institute of Transport Management, Lucknow

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