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Is the User Account Free ?

Yes , You are most welcome to register with us as 'User' , which is free and will give you access to a brief part of the website . To know the benefits, Please click here

What is the main objective of the website ?

This website is aimed at giving you a complete insight to the projects & opportunities into the Railway industry of India and how we can help, guide and support you in participation through multiple choices for various projects such as tendering , manufacturing, exports , recruitment in the rapidly growing Railway systems in India

How can I make use of your website ?

You are free to access a part of our website without any charges or become a Premium Account member to avail all our services and have complete access to our website as mentioned . To know the Premium features, Please click here

What are the differences in the Free User Account & Premium Account ?

To know the same, please click here

Can a Company become a member ?

Yes, Every company & organization can become a member with us .

Can an individual become a member ?

Yes,individuals can become a member with us including those who are looking for specialized jobs & who can provide expert advice or any kind of consultancy services.

How will it help us in our business ?

You can participate in international tenders, collaborate in projects to manufacture the parts & components for the Railway requirements . Additionally , You can also export & supply your products , provide technical consultancy and management in all dimensions of the Railway industry.

How can I make the payment to become a premium member

You can make the payment in any International acceptable currency through Credit cards , Paypal , TT, wallet and other available payment routes. Please click here for more information .

How can I download the Mobile Apps ?

The mobile apps for ios and android are available here . They are free to download although some sections of the app can only be used if you have the Premium account .

What are the charges for becoming a Premium member ?

To know the Premium Account charges, please click here.

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