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1 Experts Faq

What and where does Projections specialize in :

Projections is a  group of professionals, specializing in all segments of the Indian Railways, particularly in the Metro , High speed Train, Freight Corridors and Rolling stocks /Spares /Components /Assemblies, Research and Surveys, Assets valuations etc . We provide the consultancy and allied services for Indian and international companies to set up their operations in the huge Indian Railway industry.  To understand more about the potential in the Indian market ,

I am already employed and are fully satisfied, why are you offering me a new job ?

Projections is  not offering you whole time new job but it is an opportunity for you to be our  expert member for short term consultations over phone , survey , webinar or  a  personal meeting at a pre-fixed date , time and place after your consent, which will not hamper your current full time job .  

What are the topics for general consulatation ?

our client is interested to seek expert opinion and suggestions from professionals like you in respect to current and future marketing trends, impact on the business due to change in some government policies, purchasing recommendations of rolling stock , consultaions regarding latest technologies, preparation of tenders, Research and Surveys , Assets Vauation , Appraisals and revaluation etc.(Depending upon the professional expertise you have the client will discuss accordingly) .      

Why am I selected for experts opinion ?

The collection of our experts is very carefully done as your professional experience as to be tailormade according to the requirement of our client . Each and every expert that we match is precisely selected to meet the required criteria. Altough  there are many existing members but the search is always on for more and better professionals as each experience of each individual is uniqe by itself.

What are the other sepcialization of Projections ?

Projections is a single door solution for all segments of the Railways industry in India . We specialize in international tenders , formation of joint ventures / consortiums , technology transfers , projects , events and provide a huge platform for recruitment and B2B consultaion /Services.  

How can I become a expert member in your organization ?

To become an expert member , kindly register yourself on our website where the form is self explanatory, Click here

What are the financial benefits for becoming a member with you ?

There are multiple benefits of becoming our member such as :
• An hourly payment for having the conference with our client over the phone.
• If you are required to travel overseas for a particular project , the to and fro Air fare including the Bording and ladging expenses will be paid to you along with your charges on daily basis.
• The above charges will be fixed on case to case basis, depending on the type of consultancy and time involved.
• The experts membership will be free of any cost by us .
• However we would require your support for writing free articles of your professional expertise / interviews through email , which can be printed in our monthly newsletter (with or without your name as convient to you ) .

Is the expert registration free or does it involve any fixed costs ?

The registration is fully free and there are no fixed costs involved in working as a team together

what is the procedure to provide consultancy ?

The Procedure for consultation is as follows:
• Identification of the type of consultancy required by the client.
• Finding out the most suitable expert to provide the consultancy.
• Projections contacts the expert to determine whether He/She can provide the consultancy in line to the requirement of the client.
• To take the consent from the expert and fix the amount chargeable .
• To fix the suitable date and time for the conference after due approval from both the client and the expert.
• Consultations Occurs between the expert and the client for 60 or 90 minutes conversation.
• After the positive Feedback is received from the customer the payment is made into the account of the experts by Credit Card /TT.


Will I be required to visit New Delh for providing consultancy ?

In case the services of the expert are required for a longer period , which could vary between 3 days to 14 days , then the experts will be required to fly down to india. This requirement takes place when the job is highly technical and complicated where the expert is needed to supervise these sensitive jobs.

How much will I be paid for conference discussions ?

The amount payable to the expert depands on various factors such as the kind of consultancy to be provided , the degree of the skill require , the seniority of the experts and the time it would take to give appropriate results.. Ultimately the amount will be fixed on case to case basis.

if I am required to visit India, howmuch will I be paid per day ?

Again the amount payable to the expert depends on various factors such as the kind of consultancy to be provided , the degree of the skill required , the seniority of the experts and the time it would take to give appropriate results . Ultimately the amount will be fixed on case to case basis.

who will bear my two and fro flight ticket and my accomodation (Including lodging and boarding ) ?

The to and fro Air flight ticked and the accomodation with all be paid by the customer and this would be fixed well in advance .

What is Projections terms and conditions for the expert providing the consultancy ?

To see the terms and conditions as laid down by Projections for experts , Click here

What is your general policy on compliance?

To see the terms and conditions on Compliance as laid down by Projections for experts, Click here

If any client asks for my direct contacts or wants to fix a conference discusssion /meeting by giving the projections reference , what should I reply ?

In order to honor the highest-standard of compliance, laid out by projections , It requires that all expert-client communication be managed by Projections procedure . Under no circumstances the experts should provide contact information to clients or share any informtion /materials.
Should any client of projections contacts the experts for consultation or meeting, please reject the request and notify us immediately.

Is it obligatory to answer all questions or I can say no to some ?

It is obligatory for the expert to answer all the questions asked by the client correctly and fully satisfy the client in all respects. Should the expert feel that the questions are out of their scope of consultancy or the information asked for is highly confidential , they can always say no to such questions .

What is the system of payment ?

After the client is fully satisfied , then the settled payment will be released to you by Projections through credit card /TT in your given account number

Normally in what currency will my payment be made ?

Your payment will be paid in any international currrency as asked by you, such as USD , Euros , British Pounds etc.

Who all can see my CV on your website ?

Normally your CV would be seen by all our fully paid annaul Premium members and us , however if you would like to restrict the veiwability only to Projections , that is also possible but it will narrow down your marketability

For providing cosultancy to your client , will it be included in my profile ?

Your profile will be upgraded from time to time as and when we make use of your expert consultancy

Can I my profile be upgraded or can I change my CV details as I get promoted or there is change in my job ?

Yes you can change and upgrade your CV as and when you find it necessary with the email intimation to Projections.

If I want a new job does projection help in getting me one ?

Yes , we have a full fledged recruitment section and if you are looking for a new job then you would be required to register your CV with us to avail our recruitment services / facilities.

How can I find out about new job opportunities ?

The new jobs opportunities will be advertsed in our recruitment section but you would only be able to see them if you are a registered paid member .

What kind of information should I include in my CV?

you can upload our CV form here but primarily we require your educational qualifications , language written and spoken , your experience fully detailed . For Sample , click here

2 Faq(members)

What is the main objective of the website ?

This website is aimed at giving you a complete insight to the policies, opportunities into the Railway industry of India  and how we can help, guide and support you in participation through multiple choices for various projects such as tendering , manufacturing, export , recruitment in the rapidly growing Railway systems in India . 

How it will help me in increasing my business ?

You can participate in international tenders, manufacture the parts /components for the Metro Trains , High Speed , Freight Corridors, export / supply your products , provide technical consultancy and management in all dimensions of  the Railway industry.        

Can a new company become a member ?

Yes, every company /organization can become a member with us and make use of our free services  / paid servies as mentioned .

Can a individual become a member ?

Yes, every individual can become a member with us including indivudals who are looking for specialized jobs , who can provide expert advice or any kind of consultancy services .

How can I make use of your website ?

You are free to accsess a part of our website without making any payment, or become a fully paid member to avail all our services and have complete accsess to our website as mentioned in Our Membership Features Page .

How many types of memberships are there ?

There are two types of memberships available :
• Free User
• Premium Membership

Can I become a free member of your website ?

No, there is no free membership but you can be a free user and will have accsess to a brief part of the website . To know the benefits - Click here

What are the company membership benefits ?

The companies who take up the annual memberships are entitled to the accsess of the complete website and to know about our services and benefits - Click here

Can experts upload their CV for consultancy without any financial charge ?

Yes the individuals who are technically, financially or commercially experts in the Rail business with having a minimum experience of 10 years can upload their CV free of any charge and they can derive certain benefits - Click here

what are the annual charges for becoming a member ?

To know the annual membership charges - Click here

How can I make the payment to you to become a premium member ?

You can make the payment in any international acceptable currency through Credit cards , Paypal , TT, wallet or any other available payment routes - Click here

Is the premium membership good only for one user access ?

Yes , Each membership is good for one user access as he will be provided a password, which we trust will not be passed on to any other entity as that shall be violation of our membership rules .

If I wish to visit New Delhi in India can you arrange for my visa invitation ?

Yes, we can send you an invitation for your Business Visa, provided you are a paid member with us

Is the translation services availabe in Delhi ?

Yes, Delhi enjoys an international community and tranlators are available for almost all popular internatiional languages

What is the future of Railways in India ?

India is the second most populated country in the world and is growing very rapidly in the infrastructure development sectors , with a very specail focus on the Indian Railways , it is expected that by 2030 it would be the third largest economy in the world. To know more about the Indian Railways Click here

Can I put up a 100% independent manufacturing unit in India ?

Yes, 100% FDI in Railways is now allowed and single window sanctions are given by the government for any such projects

Can I form a independent company in India ?

Yes, you can form a 100% independent company in India for which the procedure is very much simplified and it takes between 30 to 60 days time to form the company.

what is the general room rate per night for singal person ?

The room rates can vary from USD 40 onwards for one night in a safe and decent accomodation in a good locality

If I take up a job in India is the work visa availabe ?

Yes, the working visas are very much availabe for the personnel having employement with a reputed company.

what is maximum tepreture in Delhi during the summers and During the Winters ?

The temprature in Delhi can go up to 45 degrees centigrate in deep summers (May to June )and it can go down to three or four degrees in the winters (November to February )

Am I allowed to buy residential property in India ?

Yes, you can buy residential and commercial property in India provided you are having an independent /joint venture company in India

How long does the flight take from Europe to New Delhi ?

It takes approximately 7 to 9 hours for the direct flight to reach New Delhi from any city in Europe.

Mode of payment acceptable in India ?

Indian rupees is the local currency but all international currencies are exchangable by most of the banks and one USD is = Indian rupees 64 approximately . To know the current exchange rate. Click here 

3 Faq For Job seekers

Why should I register with Projections?

Projections helps, guides and supports you to find the right job in the Railways industry matching your profile and inspirations. Registering with us in one click will give you the following advantages:   1- Access to multiple jobs online to your expertise and qualifications.

1- Access to multiple jobs online to your expertise and qualifications.

3- Your registered CV will be seen by thousands of companies and recruiters all over the world.                                                                         

4-The companies and recruiters will contact you both for advertised and unadvertised jobs.  

5-your profile should be well defined and self explanatory, which can get you a lucrative opening in the country of your choice.  

How do I register my CV?

To Register your CV at Projections, click on the ‘Post Resume’ on website details filled by you are very important information’s that the recruiters look for. (We highly recommend that you fill all details so that you get the job you are looking for.

How can I edit my Profile?

To edit your profile, please email :

Is it free to post my Resume?

Yes, you can post your Resume Free of Cost. However, if you become our registered premium member, then you can have complete access to our whole website and enjoy the benefit of our services; you will also have a preferential positioning of resume. To become our registered premium member.Click on our registered membership link .

How can I change my password?

To change your password, click on the ‘Change Password’, for which you would need to enter your old password and confirm the new one. Once you have confirmed the new password, a confirmation mail will be sent directly to your inbox.

Who all have access to my Resume?

After you have posted your Resume, all the recruiters/ companies who are registered premium members with Projections can access it.

How can I search for relevant jobs?

Apart from your resume being seen by the registered premium members /recruiters, you can Search in the ''advertised section for jobs'' Click here.

How much does Projections charge if I am selected for the job?

We only charge you the annual membership registration fee and there are no other charges payable by you to Projections for getting the job.

How can I apply for a selected job?

Once you are a registered member you have the option to apply directly to the recruiter or we can also send your resume to the recruiter, which will give you our goodwill as all the registered members are well scrutinized before they accepted as the members of Projections.( This will give you a genuine edge over the other candidates).

If I am not registered member on the site. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for the relevant job vacancies, However we suggest that you apply for the vacancies after registering yourselves as a premium member, as it gives you greater maneuverability, wider options and credibility of being a genuine candidate.

Registering with us will enable you to:

1-  Access your Resume online

2-  Advertize for your Job.

3-  Create Customized Job profile

4-  Create credibility

How can I become a registered premium member?

Go to registration Click here

What are the other benefits of becoming a registered premium member?

Go to Membership benefits Click here .

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs at the same time.

When can I expect a response after my job application?

The response or any future correspondence towards your job application lies solely with the recruiting company.

4 FAQ For Recruiters/ Companies

How is your website different from other places where I can promote/ advertise my company's jobs?

Employers get targeted candidates for every type of position as we are completely focused on the railway industry. Unlike other sites that are open for all types industries. You have various options to advertise your job on our online bi- monthly news letter (which is circulated to more than 50 thousand individuals internationally, who are directly linked with the railways industry all over the world), and also on the recruitment sections of our website

What are Sponsored Jobs?

All advertised jobs are Sponsored Jobs, which are the first jobs people see in search results. Sponsored Jobs are highlighted in search results to gain maximum visibility , with relevant job seekers.

Why should I advertise my jobs in your website if my company's jobs can be included for free?

Advertised jobs receive multiple clicks, and the applicants can see the complete details and profile of the recruiter, resulting in to the employment of top candidate in this industry while the "free" jobs do not attract the highly qualified and experienced candidates and hence , naturally fall back in search results.

How many jobs can I advertise?

We suggest to advertise all your jobs, to get maximum exposure, build your employer brand and get the top of the line candidates.

Will the jobs I advertise reach people on other sites?

Yes, our network includes partner sites, business information sites, career expert sites, publishers, and search engines. Our partner network ensures that your jobs reach the largest possible audience in the railway industry.

Where is the applicant connected after clicking on your job?

The applicant is connected directly to that job posting on your site, to learn more about your company and directly apply through your site.

Can I make my company page when I give the advertisement?

All companies who are our Premium Members and with advertised jobs will have a Company Page, where you can customize your profile with a logo, company description, location, industry, links to your website and other relevant information

If any candidate is selected through your website/ advertisement, are there any charges?

No, we do not charge any commission from the recruiters/ companies who are our registered premium members and who have advertised their jobs in our bi-monthly news letter or through our website portal.

Is the selected candidate expected to make any payments to Projections for getting the job?

No, we do not charge any commission from the candidates/ job seekers who are our registered premium members.

How can I become a registered premium member?

Please go to the registration Click here

What are the benefits of becoming an annual registered member

Please go to the benefits Click here

What are the charges for advertising in your news letter?

Please go to advertising Click here

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