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Railways To Save Rs 300 Crore a Year On Water Bill

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Post Date: 06/06/2017

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New Delhi: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said, on monday, the Indian Railways (IR) will be saving Rs 300 crore (approx US$ 46.88 Million) a year through a concerted effort to conserve water & restore water bodies on railway land across the country.

Besides this, the Railways has undertaken energy conservation & energy efficiency measures with a target to achieve 1,000 MW of solar power & 170 MW of wind power installed capacities.

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More Details:

  1.  Prabhu further said,“Railways is the best means of transport in environmental view as we are dealing with all aspects of environment.”
  2.  The Railways is considered the most energy efficient mode of transport & therefore the most environmentally sustainable among all including road, air & water.
  3.  The Railways has undertaken a series of measures for water conservation & recycling through installation of rainwater harvesting structures & setting up water recycling plants.
  4.  The Railways will eventually save Rs 300 crore (approx US$ 46.88 Million) a year through these water conservation measures, Prabhu said.
  5.  It has set a target to recycle 20 crore litres of water every day.
  6.  The installed capacity of recycling 1 crore liters daily is being enhanced to 3.5 crore litres daily by 2017-end through a concerted effort.
  7.  Once the recycling potential of 20 crore litres daily is achieved, the Railways shall save Rs 300 crore (approx US$ 46.88 Million) per year only on its water bill, apart from saving precious water resources.
  8.  Water recycling plants provided already at 30 locations saving 12 million litres of water daily.
  9.  Water audit is underway at the major water consumption centres & rainwater harvesting systems already provided at more than 2200 locations and are being extended further.
  10.  The bigger challenge for environment is climate change, Prabhu said.
  11.  The Railways has taken a leadership role in shouldering India’s responsibility towards climate change goals to promote green environment & clean energy.
  12.  The Railways has established a directorate dedicated to the affairs of environment, cleanliness & waste management, to have an unrelenting focus on the subject.

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